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What's Changed

  • Updated support for Cisco NXOS devices by @ReK42 in
  • Fix cisco_nxos_show_interface_brief.textfsm by @vladimirs-git in
  • fixs_1060_cisco_ios_show_access-list by @diepes in
  • Support lowercase interfaces on Cisco IOS (XR) by @dainok in
  • Update cisco_ios_show_lldp_neighbors_detail parser to gather more information by @qduk in
  • sort yaml output, make changes more predictable. by @diepes in
  • Fix Cisco show interfaces speed and duplex by @guillaume-mbali in
  • feat(cisco): add vrf template detail by @guillaume-mbali in
  • Fixs 1363 arista eos show interfaces - description quotes by @diepes in
  • Fixes#1048 cisco xr admin show inventory by @diepes in
  • Fix1198 cisco nxos show access lists by @diepes in
  • Template and tests for cisco_nxos_show_ip_msdp_summary_vrf_all by @alicegenkin in
  • Release 3.4.0 by @jvanderaa in

New Contributors

  • @vladimirs-git made their first contribution in
  • @alicegenkin made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: