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What's Changed

  • Template additions and fixes by @tom0010 in
  • Added support for Cisco NVFIS by @SaschaSchwarzKyndryl in
  • New template: cisco_xr_show_lldp_neighbors_detail by @lamiskin in
  • New template: cisco_xr_show_inventory by @lamiskin in
  • New template: cisco_xr_dir by @lamiskin in
  • New Template: cisco_nxos_show_vrf_detail by @lamiskin in
  • New Template: cisco_nxos_dir by @lamiskin in
  • New Template: cisco_ios_show_authentication_sessions_method_details by @lamiskin in
  • New Template: cisco_asa_show_module by @lamiskin in
  • Fix issue #1577 so junos logical interface link status and mtu are captured by @mjbear in
  • Added Support for Checkpoint VSX by @SaschaSchwarzKyndryl in
  • MikroTik RouterOS '/interface print terse without-paging' fix by @PavloSkliarenko in
  • Update to fortinet_get_system_status template. by @zickster in

New Contributors

  • @zickster made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: